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With CTH’s scale partner that is MEASUREMENT CANADA ACCREDITED "authorized service provider". Our partners quality system follows the guidelines for: ISO 9002-S-A-01 2002- ISO/IEC 17025.

Scale ServicesThe service division has a very large customer base relating to the following industries:

  • Chemical and petro-chemical 
  • Steel and related industries 
  • Printing and related products 
  • Wet and dry food 
  • Mining and natural resource industries 
  • Certification of retail 
  • Pharmaceuticals and bio-tech 
  • Plastics, moulding, compounding and extrusion 
  • Automotive, stamping, assembly and sub assembly 
  • Textiles 

Calibration and Verification

  • Measurement Canada certification of trade devices  
  • Ensures the highest quality traceable documentation 
  • Traceable test standards and test equipment 
  • Ensures accurate, reliable and traceable results 
  • Calibration to Measurement Canada Standards

Maintenance and Support

  • Increase uptime, equipment life and productivity 
  • Installations and repairs to all manufacturers weighing products
  • Testing and calibration to a minimum standard of Weights and Measures (Measurement Canada)
  • Technical and application support
  • Service center for in-house repairs
  • Quality assurance programs to suit your specific weighing needs
  • Fully trained technologists in fully equipped vehicles in direct cellular communication with our centralized dispatch


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