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T and D WebStorage Service
T and D Corporation, For over 25 years, T&D has been at the forefront of developing data loggers. From their leadership in wireless products to their free, unlimited cloud-based “T&D WebStorage Service,” they're known for innovation. T&D is the preeminent data logger supplier to the leading brands in a wide range of industries, from food, airline, computers, automotive, museums, health care and more. When the world’s most respected organizations need anytime, anywhere access to data, they use T&D data loggers.
Wide Selection Free Cloud Service Easy Data Management
Wide Selection FREE cloud service Easy to manage data
T and D RTR-500 Series T and D TR-7wb/nw Series T and D TR-4 Series T and D TR-5i Series T and D TR-7Ui Series T and D MCR Series T and D TR-601 Series   T and D RTR-322 Series
RTR-500 Series Wireless Communication Logging System for Variety of Measurements   TR-7wb/nw Series LAN Communication Loggers for Temp/Humidity   TR-4 Series Bluetooth Data Logger   TR-5i Series Compact, Waterproof, Durable Loggers for Variety of Measurements   TR-7Ui Series USB Connectable Loggers for Variety of Measurements   MCR Series Connectible 4-Channel Loggers for Voltage and/or Temp   TR-601 Series Wireless Core Temperature Logging System for Food Safety   RTR-322 Series LOG-EZ Wireless Logging System
T AND D – Data Management Solutions
T&D's data logging systems based on wireless communication and LAN or mobile networking, coupled with the introduction of their free and unlimited cloud-based “T&D WebStorage Service,” are clear examples of their dedication to staying on the leading-edge. With a variety of models and connectivity options, T AND D devices meet the measurement needs of just about everyone.
The product offering includes:
RTR-500 Series Wireless Communication Logging
RTR-501 & 501L Temperature Data Loggers
RTR-502 & 502L Temperature Data Loggers
RTR-503 & 503L Temperature / Humidity Data Loggers
RTR-507S & 507SL Temperature / Humidity Data Loggers
RTR-505-TC & 505-TCL Temperature Data Loggers
  RTR-505-Pt & 505-PtL Temperature Data Loggers
  RTR-505-V & 505-VL Voltage Data Loggers
  RTR-505-Ma & 505-MaL Amperage Data Loggers
  RTR-505-P & 505-PL Pulse Count Data Loggers
  RTR-574 & 574-S UV / Temperature / Humidity Data Loggers
  RTR-576 & 576-S CO2 / Temperature / Humidity Data Loggers
  RTR-500-MBS-A Mobile Base Station
  RTR-500NW & 500AW Network Base Stations
  RTR-500 Wireless Base Station / Repeater
  RTR-500DC Portable Data Collector
TR-7Ui Series USB Connectible Loggers
TR-74Ui & 74Ui-S Illuminance / UV / Temperature / Humidity
TR-76Ui & 76Ui-S CO2 / Temperature / Humidity
TR-73U Barometric-Pressure / Temperature / Humidity
MCR Series 4-Channel Loggers for Voltage or Temperature
MCR-4V Voltage Logger
MCR-4TC Temperature Logger
RTR-322 Series "Log-EZ" Loggers
RTR-322 Temperature / Humidity Logger
RTR-300 Wireless Communication Dongle
TR-7wb/nw Series LAN Communication Loggers for Cloud Storage
TR-71wb & 71nw Temperature Data Loggers
TR-72wb & 72nw Temperature / Humidity Data Loggers
TR-72wb-S & 72nw-S Temperature / Humidity Data Loggers
TR-75wb & 75nwTemperature Data Loggers
TR4 Series Bluetooth Data Logger
TR41 Temperature Logger (Internal Thermistor)
TR42 Temperature Logger (External Thermistor)
TR45 Temperature Logger (Thermocouple)
TR-5i Series Compact, Waterproof, Durable Loggers
TR-51i Temperature Logger (Internal Thermistor)
TR-52i Temperature Logger (External Thermistor)
TR-55i-TC Temperature Logger (Thermocouple)
TR-55i-Pt Temperature Logger (Pt100, Pt1000)
TR-55i-V Voltage Logger
TR-55i-mA Amperage Logger
TR-55i-P Pulse Count Logger
TR-50U2 Communication Port
TR-57DCi Portable Data Collector
RTR-601 Series Wireless Core Temperature Logging System for Food Safety
RTR-601-110 & RTR-601-130 Core Temperature Logger
RTR-601-E10 & RTR-601-E30 Core Temperature Logger
RTR-6BD USB Battery Charge Dock
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