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The light, compact design of FloMetrix flow sensor and PLC controller allows flexible placement to capture data not previously available to the plant operators. The real-time data output allows for quick response and more precise control, which takes much of the guesswork out of the conditioning or general handling processes.

Depending on the application, FlowMetrix flow meters offer:

  • Improved plant operating efficiency
  • Real time understanding of material streams
  • More consistent quality in material lots and operational standardization
  • Better inventory control
  • Process documentation and training aid
  • Improved profit margin opportunities
  • Process Control

Furthermore, various configurable features makes the device operational for many different applications in a wide field of industries.


FlowMetrix Vertical Sensor

The FloMetrix vertical sensors consist of 4 different options. They can measure up to 600 lbs/min, 2000 lbs/min, 4000 lbs/min, and 5000 lbs/min. They accurately measure total accumulated weight and current flow rates at ambient temperatures above 32 degrees F. Designed for vertical installation. The sensor recommendation will rely on the size of spout leading into ie FM600=4", FM2000=6", FM4000=8" and FM5000=10" Process Control.

FloMetrix Flow meters are available with capacities ranging from 2,100 to 300,000 pounds per hour.

  • Captures data not previously available
  • High accuracy at constant flow rates
  • Light and compact design allows flexible placement
  • Gentle on seed
  • Output to a PLC, or can be integrated
  • Self-cleaning
  • Does not restrict flow
  • Output to a PLC, or can be integrated into existing automation systems from the flow meter PLC
Part Number Pipe Size Flow Rate
FM600 4" 600 lbs/min
FM2000 6" 2,000 lbs/min
FM4000 8" 4,000 lbs/min
FM5000 10" 5,000 lbs/min
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FlowMetrix Non-Vertical Sensor

FloMetrix is proud to announce a new line of non vertical flowmeters or NV flowmeters. These inclined flowmeters can be installed in an existing inclined spout or conduit without changing the geometry. The NV series consists of 5 different models that can handle 2k lbs/min, 5k lbs/min, 10k lbs/min, 15k lbs/min, and 20k lbs/min. Each flowmeter has been thoroughly tested and works with the accuracy similar to our vertical flowmeters. In addition, the installation is easy, quick and cost effective.

This Real-time In-line Inclined Flowmeter has been selected as an AE50 winner for 2019. The award sponsored by ASABE’s Resource magazine recognizes the top innovative new products produced in 2018.
Part Number Pipe Size Flow Rate
NV2K 6” Dia Round 2,000 lbs/min
NV10K 14” x 14” Square 10,000 lbs/min
NV20K 18” x 18” Square 20,000 lbs/min
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