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VERSADAC Scalable Data Recorder
The Versadac™ scalable recorder offers a versatile solution for data recording at point of measurement. Comprehensive security and data integrity make it ideal for use in regulated industries, such as pharmaceutical or heat treatment, or for any application where loss of data during a manufacturing process would result in loss of revenue through scrap or rework. Data is recorded in tamper resistant binary check summed files (known as UHH) and stored in on board flash memory. Flexible archiving strategies ensure long term data is kept secure for later retrieval and analysis if required.

  • Record
    • Secure
    • Never lose data
    • Exceptional data and access security
    • Electronic signatures
    • Self-healing, validated data archive
  • Manage
    • View data from anywhere
    • Extensive function library to further process data
    • Record data from remote devices
    • Intelligent data archiving
    • Web server
    • Email notification
  • Optimise
    • Optimise installation by recording where you want to
    • Scalable to fit process with modular I/O
    • Easy integration
    • Compact, easy installation
    • Simple to upgrade
Base Sizes:

4 Way

8 Way

16 Way
Record – peace of mind that your data is safe
  • Safe, certain recording
  • Flexible archiving strategies
  • Controlled user access
Manage data – how and where you want to
  • Data anywhere for convenience and efficiency
  • Rich functions for you to get the most from your data
  • Powerful tools to search, retrieve and analyse historical data
Optimise – reduce installation costs and improve operational efficiency
  • Reduce installation costs
  • Flexible, powerful communications for easy integration
Total Peace of Mind
Recorded data has value – why else would you record it? Invensys Eurotherm has decades of knowledge and understanding of the requirements for capturing, storing and retrieving electronic records and will ensure your data is kept safe at every stage of its life.

Reduced total cost of ownership
Install only what you need and easily upgrade if you need to. The Versadac scalable recorder is designed so you can install a recording solution that is optimal for your process requirements. In the event that you need more I/O or additional software features in the future, the recorder can be simply modified in the field. Additional I/O and new software options can be quickly and easily enabled and then configured using the iTools software with no need to return the unit to the factory or contact a service engineer.

The versatility in Versadac
The scalability the Versadac recorder offers makes it a naturally versatile product but it contains many features which can add additional flexibility, value and efficiency.

Additional Information
Versadac Scalable Data Recorder Configurator
Versadac Scalable Data Recorder Brochure in .pdf format
Versadac Scalable Data Recorder Specification Sheet in .pdf format
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