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392 Circular Chart Recorder

The 392 from Eurotherm® is a user configurable 1, 2, 3 or 4 pens, 100mm calibrated width circular chart instruments, utilising high visibility vacuum fluorescent display. The modular construction and the use of surface mount technology assure a compact design, which is easy to maintain, and upgrade.

  • 1 to 4 Universal Input Channels
  • 40 Character Vacuum fluorescent digital display
  • User Configurable
  • Maths Functions
  • Custom Curve
  • 4 Totalisers with 9- digit readout
  • Up to 2 Single or Dual Output Controllers
  • Retransmission

Use of the integral keypad, and the structured parameter list allows for fast basic set-up and selection of those functions needed for a particular application. Configuration parameters are separated by a user definable password.

The measured value for each channel is displayed along with, the channel number, engineering units, channel Descriptor (16 characters max) and alarm information.

Addition of the maths function allows for calculations ranging from simple add, subtract through to the more complex, Mass flow and Relative humidity.

Custom Curve
This features allows for a user defined input, such as a Pirani Vacuum Gauge to be entered and selected for tracing on the recorder.

The 392 can be provided with up to 4 integrating/totalising channels, with nine-digit resolution, for flow and power applications. Each totaliser channel is capable of driving a relay output, for example to drive an electromechanical counter.

Up to four alarms can be configured per channel. Each alarm can be configured as absolute low/high, deviation, or rate of change.

Relays Outputs
Up to 8 relay outputs can be fitted, driven by any internal recorder event such as channel alarm, totaliser overflow, totaliser output.

Integral Controllers
The model 392 offers two PID controllers with features such as cascade, ratio/bias, feedforward and internal setpoint generation. Dedicated auto/manual and remote/local setpoint keypads allow the user to switch between one control function to the other.

Additional Information
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