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Action VisiPak™ V116 & V132 Miniature Temperature/Process Indicators

Provides a 4 Digit Display and Alarm Output from RTD, Thermocouple or DC Inputs.

  • Field Configurable Input for Thermocouple, RTD, mV and 4-20mA Signals
  • Three Field Configurable Alarm Setpoints with One or Two Alarm Outputs
  • Green 4 Digit (9999) Display
  • NEMA 4 Front Panel
  • Combination Alarm Functions, Alarm Blocking and Programmable Latching/Non-latching
  • Power Supply: 85 to 264VAC or 20 to 29V DC or AC

V116-ALVH (65-264 VAC)
V116-ALVL (20-29 VAC/VDC)
V116-ALVH (65-264 VAC)
V116-ALVL (20-29 VAC/VDC)

The V116 and V132 are compact, 4 digit indicators (with alarms) that fit 1/16 and 1/32 DIN cutouts, respectively. They accept temperature inputs from J, K, T, L, N, R, S, C, B, and Platinel II type thermocouples and two-wire Platinum 100 Ohm (Pt100) RTDs. Process variables such as 4-20mA or ranges within -12 to 80mV can also be measured. Other thermocouple types such as D and E and custom curves can be configured at the factory. Voltage ranges up to 0-10V can be measured with the optional (model SUB2-1V1) adaptor.

Three programmable setpoint alarms can be field configured as high or low, non-latching and high or low or new, latching. The new alarm indicates when a latched alarm has not been acknowledged and the measured value crosses the setpoint trip level a second time. Alarm hysterisis (deadband) can be configured from 1 to 9999 process variable units.

The alarms can be linked to either the relay output or the digital I/O terminals. The digital I/O terminals can be configured for remote alarm acknowledgment. When configured as an output, those terminals will provide a TTL signal or drive an optional (model SUB2-1R7) relay. These alarm outputs can be configured in combination (e.g., one or all three alarms linked to the relay) and will operate in fail-safe (i.e., normally energized) or non-fail- safe modes. Additionally, the display can be configured for password protection, limiting operator access to any or all func- tions. An alarm blocking function is also configurable to prevent alarm tripping during process or start-up.

Thermocouples, two-wire RTDs and mV inputs can be accepted into the indicator. Current signals such as 4-20mA are input using the 2.49 Ohm shunt resistor, included with the indicator and mounting hardware. Other shunt resistor values can be used to measure higher current levels provided the produced signal is within the -12mV to 80mV input range. Similarly, voltage inputs such as 0-10V can be measured using the optional attenuator (model SUB2-1V1). The input can be scaled as desired for display. Offsets and two point slope adjustments are fully programmable to compensate for sensor variances.

The V116 and V132 are excellent for temperature and process variable measurement especially when panel space is limited. Extremely compact and efficient, the NEMA 4X, plug-in from front, panel mount indicators can fit in the smallest enclosures or OEM panels.

The field configurable VisiPak indicators make an ideal standard- ized solution for a variety of temperature measurement and on- off control applications. For example, either the V116 or the V132 can be used to control the heating and cooling elements in an oven or environmental control system using two setpoints for high and low temperature limits. Similarly, a 4-20mA pressure signal can be monitored and the setpoints can be used to control or alarm the gas pressure or liquid level in a tank or vessel. Weight, flow, pressure, temperature, speed, position and rate are just some of the process variables that can be accurately displayed and moni- tored with these highly compact and effective units.

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