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Action PAK® AP1690 AC Input, Field Configurable Limit Alarms

Provides Relay Contact Closures at a Preset AC Input Level.

  • Field Configurable Input Ranges for AC Voltage or Current
  • Exclusive "Dynamic Deadband" Prevents False Trips
  • Setpoints Programmable HI or LO
  • Selectable Failsafe/Latching Operation
  • Selectable 120/240VAC Input Power

AP1690 (Single/Dual Trip, 2 SPDT, 5A)

The Action Pak model AP1690 dual setpoint limit alarm offers flexible, wide ranging AC input and relay output capability. Voltage spans from 100mV to 200VAC and current spans from 10mA to 100mA AC can be field configured. For current input
spans of 1 to 5 Amps a 0.1W (0.1%) shunt resistor (Model #C006 ) is available. The AP1690 offers configurable latching, failsafe, and HI/LO operation. The unit also includes 0.25% to 50% adjustable deadband and selectable 120/240VAC power.

The field configurable AP1690 limit alarm setpoints can be configured for HI, LO, latching or failsafe trip operation. Non- latching HI and LO setpoints have respective HI and LO deadbands. In a tripped condition, the setpoint is exceeded and the appropriate red LED will illuminate. The non-latching trip will reset only when the process falls below the HI deadband or rises above the low deadband (see figure 1). To reset a latched setpoint the signal must be in the safe region and the line power turned off for at least 5 seconds. For proper deadband operation, the HI setpoint must always be set above the LO setpoint.

In failsafe operation, the relay is energized when the process is below the HI setpoint or above the LO setpoint (opposite for non- failsafe). In the failsafe mode, the relays go to the trip condition when power fails.

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