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London Electronics Limited London Electronics Limited
Bespoke Production Performance Systems

How to monitor production and improve efficiency on your lines.

Key benefits of the London Electronics system:  
  • Adjusted to your processes - nothing you don’t need, everything you do.
  • Near-Real-time data - so you and your team can react immediately.
  • Cloud-based - data available to all the team wherever they are.
  • Expandable - designed to grow and adapt as you do.
  • No limit on users, no annual license fees - affordable.
  • Modular - add features you want, remove those you don’t.
  • Automatic software updates - no need to download updates.
  • No software or app fees - Use on any web enabled device at no cost per device.
  • SSL encrypted data - data cannot be read, if intercepted.
  • Scrambled stats - access data is scrambled to prevent unauthorized reading..
  • Fast return on investment

What are line stoppages and poor performance costing your business?

How can our system help you?
It will allow you to:
  • Monitor real time production.
  • Relay important information and events to relevant parties RIGHT NOW! This ensure that things happen when they should.
  • Record production values to trend analyze and enable better planning and forecasting.
  • Empower your workforce.
  • Improve efficiencies with group inter competition.
  • Reduce wasted time of individuals manually entering / recording inaccurate data and allow shop floor teams to get on with production.
  • Send dynamic information back to the line in near-real-time.
  • Collate performance information to calculate ‘V’ curves and simply show areas for improvement.
  • Access data wherever you are, when you need it.
  • Show Live dashboards to operators. Empower staff to make key decisions.
Web Hosting – Complete license free flexibility
  • A cloud-based server allows rapid development and maintenance of the system. We use HTTPS for data transfer and password protect logins for ALL users.

  • You also have the added benefit of being able to view data whilst off-site, which might not be possible if you host the system on-site.

  • We handle all the database administration and web updates for you. You can directly source a hosting package from a preferred supplier with SSL certificate, or we can action this on your behalf for a small monthly fee.

  • Different Access credentials Tailored to you:
    • Line Operator:
    • Line Manager:
    • View Only
    • Admin
Typical Recorded / Logged Values:
  • Employee ID record – Name or Number reference
  • W/O Number / Job Reference Number
  • Target
  • Actual
  • Good
  • Reject / Scrap
  • Live Rate (Items per Hour, Per Min, Per Shift)
  • Average Rate (Items per Hour, Per Min, Per Shift)
  • Line Stoppages
  • Quality %
  • KPI % -
  • OEE %
  • Job Start Time – HH:MM:SS
  • Job Finish Time – HH:MM:SS
  • Changeover Time– HH:MM:SS
  • Labour Recovered.
  • %Achieved
  • Takt
  • Takt Time
  • Downtime
  • Stoppage Reasons
  • This system is your system designed to your requirement.
  • Database is accessible at all times; you have access to your data whenever you want.
  • We can supply a fully tailored system, or work with existing WMS or SAP, Scada, ShopFloor Logic, Idhammar systems and provide a part installation TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS.
  • Show Live dashboards to operators, with near-real-time feedback.
  • Empower staff to make key decisions, to increase your productivity.
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