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Bay Management & Demurrage Prevention Systems
Hardware & Software Solutions designed to enable loading operations to run more efficiently by providing crucial information in real time
  • Increase your dispatch area efficiency

  • Communicate Directly to Bay Teams

  • Reduce your demurrage costs

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Improve Site Safety & Monitoring of Events

  • Dispatch Control solutions, including

    • Visual management and
    • Full software solutions & integration
   The Issue:
  • Late Deliveries and long laytimes cost money, plain and simple. How much are you paying for demurrage?

  • Modern logistics is a high-pressure industry. With the increases in fuel costs, congestion on the roads, increasing safety concerns and ever tightening delivery schedules, distribution centres and logistics companies must continually strive for efficiency gains to maintain their competitiveness.

  • Distributors must know that their assets are being used effectively at 100%, and not have staff or vehicles waiting around through miscommunication or lack of information.

  • Wasted resource in playing ‘catch up’ with issues that arise and non-prevention of demurrage situations all absorb time and ultimately money.

   The Solution:

We design and commission real time bay information displays that assist your team leaders in the management of the dispatch area. The large LED displays are very visual and eye catching, clearly highlighting the status of the loading or unloading in real time, allowing you to instantly allocate resources to ensure the dispatch time is met, every time.

The Displays will change colour based on time parameters in your control, and clearly highlight where resources are required in real time.

 Bay Manager Software:
The Displays use our dedicated Bay Manager Software or can run on your own or a 3rd party software to show a wealth of information, ranging from:
  • Bay Id

  • Destination

  • Trailer Length / Numbers

  • Current Time

  • Vehicle Arrival Time

  • Required dispatch Time

  • Actual dispatch Time

  • Status

  • Loading Messages

  • Product SKUs

  • Laytime

  • Driver Registration and so on..

Each event is stored and archived in a database which can be used for reference for simple and detailed analysis. Real time reports can clearly show where you are now and allow immediate resource planning decisions to be made to ensure you are achieving maximum capacity.
Example reports include:
  • Vehicle Arrival Times versus Dispatch Times

  • Laytimes

  • On Time Dispatch

  • Average Load time for product / bay / group of bays

  • Material Store, Pallets, Totes, Boxes

  • Loader Efficiency

  • Courier Arrival & Dispatch Times

  • Health & safety Events

The software is web based, and can be used on Windows Android, Apple and other Tablet devices. All information can be exported in a number of file formats to suit your requirements. Non prevention of demurrage situations absorbs time and ultimately money.

The system can also be stand alone using dedicated servers and hardware, to allow for simpler I.T. installation.

SMS and Email alerts to the status of bays are also features of the software, instantly communicating issues to important parties allowing for immediate call to action.

   Email Alerts:
The displays can also be linked to Salvo systems and offer control of opening and closing doors, the software can incorporate the status of the door and can help in reducing accidents.
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