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Industrial Ethernet

Unmanaged and managed industrial Ethernet switches for every application:

Ethernet/IP stands for “Ethernet Industrial Protocol.” It is an open industrial networking standard that takes advantage of commercial, off-the-shelf Ethernet communication chips and physical media. Ethernet/IP technology has evolved due to the high demand for Ethernet control applications. This standard also stems from the control industries’ need for interoperability among various Ethernet control products.

Ethernet/IP is an open network because it uses standard Ethernet IEEE 802.3, TCP/IP protocol suite, and CIP (Common Industrial Protocol), the real-time I/O and information protocol that ControlNet networks use.
EOTec G408M Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch

EOTec G408M Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Overview and features

The EOTec G408M is a fully managed 8-port industrial gigabit Ethernet switch.

The unit features advanced capabilities typically found in a managed switch plus a Self-Healing Ring function, which is compatible with Ultra’s EOTec 2104 Industrial Ethernet Ring Switch (10/100 Mbps).

Network traffic is rerouted in milliseconds when a fiber or cable break is detected on any of the ring ports. An alarm output, available on the terminal block, can be used to signal error conditions to a PLC or other supervisory devices.

Ports 1-4 are copper only; ports 5-8 can be either copper or fiber ports. The fiber ports offer LC type connections and a variety of Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) fiber transceivers are available for differing fiber types and lengths. The aluminum housing comes ready to be panel or DIN rail mounted.

Key features

  • Eight 10/100/1000Mbps copper ports, four can be 100/1000Mbps Single and/or Multimode fiber ports
  • Fault-tolerant Self-Healing Ring (SHR) with 30 mS plus 5 mS per hop recovery time
  • Operating temperature -40 to 75°C
  • Long-haul fiber distances up to 80 km (49 miles)
  • 10 to 30VDC operation, 15W
  • Dual power inputs
  • DIN rail mountable

Deterministic performance

The EOTec G408M utilizes a special algorithm to insure very fast recovery times.

The recovery time can be estimated by multiplying 5 ms times the number of switches, and then adding 30 ms (for loss of link errors) or 60 ms (for message loss errors). For example, a ring of 10 switches would have a recovery time of 80 ms for typical loss of link-type errors. A ring of 8 switches would have a recovery time of 100mS for message loss errors.

Many competitive switches and hubs may take several seconds or even minutes to recover when connected in a ring configuration.

Flexible Topologies

The EOTec G408M accepts both Single and Multimode 1Gbps and 100Mbps SFP Transceivers, making it compatible with the EOTec 2104 Industrial Ring Switch. Both switches offer the same fast recovery time and are configurable for all network topologies.

Flexible Topologies

Management Features

  • Rapid Spanning Tree (RST)
  • SNMPv1 and v2 network management
  • SNMPv3 authentication and encryption for security
  • SNMP notifications (traps) for report on event
  • Priority Queuing (QoS/CoS) for real-time operation
  • IGMP for Multicast filtering (snooping & querying)
  • VLAN for convenient traffic segregation
  • Broadcast and multicast storm protection
  • RMON and port mirroring for advanced diagnostics
  • Security with HTTPS, SSL, SSH, SNMPv3 and more
  • Easy configuration via Web, Telnet or CLI
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EOTec 2104 Industrial Ethernet Ring Switch

EOTec 2104 Industrial Ethernet Ring Switch


Product tourEOTec 2104 Industrial Ethernet Ring SwitchAn interactive, step-through tour of the EOTec 2104’s features, functions, and benefits.View product tour » 2104_prod_tour_window-sm

The EOTec 2104 is a rugged, high performance Industrial Ethernet ring switch that is designed to fill the gap between unmanaged and managed Ethernet switches. It provides all the benefits of redundant ring topology operation, but at a significantly lower cost than managed switches.

The 2104 features the simplicity of installation and operation of an unmanaged switch, while retaining many of the capabilities of a managed switch. It is pre-configured for ring topology and no setup or configuration is required. It doesn’t require master switch selection or an IP address to operate in a redundant ring topology. Its ultra fast link loss recovery time ensures high reliability with minimal downtime.

The switch is supplied as standard with two 10/100Base-T copper ports and two 100Base-FX fiber ports (single or multi-mode). It is also expandable through its unique integrated backplane. For higher port counts (either copper or fiber), simply plug another four port switch or media converter into the switch.

The 2104 operates from a 15-40VDC power input and features a redundant power supply capability via its integrated backplane, using the Ultra Electronics, NSPI 2A06 or 2A16 (85-240VAC/ 85-125VDC) universal power supplies.

It has been designed for harsh industrial environments and for operation over a -40 °C to +85 °C ambient temperature range. It is also available in models that can transmit over fiber distances of up to 60 km (37 miles).

Base modules:
Part no. Description
2104-55 EOTec Ring Switch, 4-port (2 RJ45 / 2 fiber), MM, ST, 2km
2104-57 EOTec Ring Switch, 4-port (2 RJ45 / 2 fiber), MM, SC, 2km
2104-59 EOTec Ring Switch, 4-port (2 RJ45 / 2 fiber), SM, SC, 15km
2104-61 EOTec Ring Switch, 4-port (2 RJ45 / 2 fiber), SM, SC, 40km
2104-63 EOTec Ring Switch, 4-port (2 RJ45 / 2 fiber), SM, SC, 60km

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Optional expansion modules:
Part no. Description Datasheet
2E54 Expansion module/media converter, 2-port (1 RJ45 / 1 fiber), MM, ST, 2km 2E54
2E56 Expansion module/media converter, 2-port (1 RJ45 / 1 fiber), MM, SC, 2km 2E56
2E58 Expansion module/media converter, 2-port (1 RJ45 / 1 fiber), SM, SC, 15km 2E58
2E60 Expansion module/media converter, 2-port (1 RJ45 / 1 fiber), SM, SC, 40km 2E60
2E62 Expansion module/media converter, 2-port (1 RJ45 / 1 fiber), SM, SC, 60km 2E62
2C52 Expansion module, 4-port RJ-45 (all copper) 2C52
Optional Power Supply Modules:
Part No. Description
2A06 Universal power supply, 85-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 85-125VDC
2A16 Universal power supply, 85-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 85-125VDC, w/ alarm diagnostic output
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EOTec 2000 Industrial Ethernet Unmanaged Switches / Media Converters


The EOTec 2000 Industrial Ethernet Switched Media Converters and Switches provide fiber optic conversion to and from wire based Ethernet for long distance communications over multi-mode or single mode fiber optic cable.

The fiber port operates at 100 Mbps and the RJ45 port will auto-negotiate its data rate between 10/100Mbps, full/half duplex operation. The switches will automatically learn the addresses of the devices connected to each port and will buffer and route messages accordingly. Visual (LED) indicators display the status of all ports/links. There is an additional Ethernet port in the module’s integrated BUS interconnections. This BUS port provides connection for one additional EOTec 2000 Ethernet Switch or Switched Media Converter Module assisting in forming star or daisy chain network configurations.

Features and Specifications:

  • Up to 60 km distance on single mode fiber
  • Cascadeable with another Switch or Media Converter
  • 1300nm fiber optic wavelength for minimal attenuation
  • IEEE 802.3(U)(X) compliant, all standard protocols
  • Transmission rates:  10 or 100 Mbps with automatic wiring correction
  • Fiber port bus speed: 100 Mbps (100 Base-FX), Full Duplex
  • Optical Dynamic Range: 36 dB for single mode fiber (5-10 micron diameter)
  • Compatible with EOTec 2000 Power Supply modules (2A06/16 or 2A08/18) through the integrated backplane, or with an external 24VDC power source
  • Status LED’s for port activity and port speed
  • ST and SC compatible connectors
  • Suitable for mounting on standard 35 mm DIN-Rail
  • Extended operating temperature range of –40 °C to 85 °C for harsh industrial environments
  • Available with dual power supply system for redundancy
  • Designed to meet Class 1, Div 2 hazardous locations specifications
  • Dimensions: 22.5 mm W x 99 mm H x 114 mm D
  • CE Approved

Industrial Ethernet Switched Media Converters

Data sheets Description
2E55 1300nm, MM, 10/100 MBPS, ST, Switched Media Converter Powered Via Screw Terminals, 2km
2E57 1300nm, MM, 10/100 MBPS, SC, Switched Media Converter Powered Via Screw Terminals, 2km
2E59 1300nm, SM, 10/100 MBPS, SC, Switched Media Converter Powered Via Screw Terminals, 15km
2E61 1300nm, SM, 10/100 MBPS, SC, Switched Media Converter Powered Via Screw Terminals, 40km
2E63 1300nm, SM, 10/100 MBPS, SC, Switched Media Converter Powered Via Screw Terminals, 60km

Industrial Ethernet Switches

Data sheets Description
2C53 4 Port Cascadable 10/100 MBPS Ethernet Switch Powered Via Screw Terminals

Flexible Port Combinations:

Flexible port combinations are possible. By cascading two media converters together, you can create a 4-port switched media converter (2-fiber, 2-RJ45) or achieve multi-mode to single mode conversion. By cascading one 4-port switch and one media converter, you can create a 6-port switched media converter (1-fiber and 5-RJ45).  By cascading two 4-port switches, create an 8-port switch (8-RJ-45).  Additional combinations are possible.
Flexible Port Combinations
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